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Umay Rest®

Umay Rest® is a USB-rechargeable battery powered Thermal Meditation™ device designed to improve sleep hygiene and restore the natural function of our eyes.

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Umay Rest is a consumer wellness device to help maintain our eye health and provide relief from daily visual demands. Based on the innovation of existing and proven treatments, the solution is simple, cost-effective and easily integrates into the wellness routine. Umay Rest provides three thermal treatments for comprehensive eye care:

RESTORE: Restore eyes and mind with warming thermal therapy to address eye fatigue, dry eye symptoms and general eye health at therapeutic and clinically proven temperatures.

RELAX: Relax with dynamic and engaging Thermal Meditation™ providing active disengagement and reducing stress and sleep issues.

REFRESH: Refresh with cooling therapy reducing puffiness, signs of aging, and providing relief from eye strain, allergies, tired eyes and headaches.

Umay REST is a USB-rechargeable battery powered thermoelectric device that can be used anywhere, with instant controlled heat.

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