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Temperature Regulation

Temperature Regulation

ExtremeMist Just Add Water Pack

ExtremeMist 2-in-1 Hydration Misting & Drinking system. The pump produces a fine mist, cooling the air around you up to 30 degrees.


The ChiliPad is a personalized sleep system with cooling and heating temperature controls ranging from 55°- 110° F (13°- 43° C). This state-of-the-art system regulates the surface temperature of one or two sides of the bed with degree-by-degree optimization.

Embr Wave

Whenever you start feeling too hot or too cold, just press and hold the Wave’s Light Bar to activate comforting waves of heating or cooling.

Siesta Pant

This ultimate sleepwear pant is cute enough to wear to a yoga class! Non-binding waistband rests comfortably on the body.

Heated Performance Pants

Uses the latest technology to warm hamstrings, thighs and calves. Adopt the future today, warm to perform!

ExtremeMist PCS Retrofit Kit

The ExtremeMist™ PCS (Personal Cooling System) provides a continuous fine mist in front of you, creating a cooling cloud with reduced temperature up to 30°F.

wheelAIR Cooling Backrest

wheelAIR is a cooling backrest for manual wheelchair users to help regulate their core temperature. The wheelAIR replaces the current backrest and provides the user with cool air flowing up the backrest, operated via a remote control unit

Dr. Cool Cooling Towel

The Dr. Cool cooling towel provides you with targeted chemical-free cooling. Just wet, wring and use.

Torch Coat Heater

The Torch Coat Heater is a battery-operated heater that is designed to fit seamlessly inside any style coat allowing you to transform your jacket into a battery powered heated jacket.