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Raizer Lifting Chair

Raizer is a simple battery operated mobile lifting chair that helps a fallen person up to an almost standing position within a few minutes.

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Raizer can with ease be assembled and operated by only one assistant and does not require any physical effort besides a supportive hand.

Raizer, the state of the art lifting chair, is used by personnel in all categories of elderly care facilities, hospitals in many public buildings, and hotels & recreational building, as well as for ambulance services and all personnel working with lifting and moving of individuals with reduced mobility in general. The helper can without assistance handle the Raizer and the person on the floor with minimal physical effort, thus lifting and moving don't put the assistant's back, arms, etc. at risk.

Injuries are unfortunately common for caregiving staff within the healthcare industry and are often caused by manually lifting and transfer of patients or impaired persons. Liftup Inc. is glad to be a part of “safe patient handling” with the lifting chair, Raizer. It is safe equipment which is used rather than people to transfer, move, and reposition patients in all health care facilities to reduce workplace injuries.

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