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The NeoMano is a wearable robotic glove that enables people who are disabled from a stroke, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, etc to perform daily tasks tthey otherwise couldn’t do on their own

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The NeoMano makes life more accessible for users who, with the glove, can hold a cup of coffee, grip and twist a doorknob, use a toothbrush or comb, manipulate shirt buttons and zippers, and perform other basic tasks so they can more fully participate in social activities and have a better quality of life.

The NeoMano figuratively and literally opens doors that were before only available to individuals with the ability to rehabilitate. But for those who can’t recover function in their hands, the NeoMano’s technology reintroduces movement, and with it the opportunity for independence.

After completing a successful Indiegogo campaign, the robotic NeoMano glove will reach consumers by the end of 2019.

The wearable NeoMano glove is powered by titanium wires that close wearers’ fingers so they can firmly grasp common objects with one hand. A single press on its wireless, Bluetooth-connected controller activates the pulley housing and motor, causing the built-in titanium wires to actively close the wearer’s hand. The button is pressed again to release the tension and return fingers to a neutral position. The robotic glove further makes the world more accessible because it’s portable -- allowing users to wear it wherever they need gripping assistance -- and the battery provides eight hours of continuous use, It also features anti-slip material for a firmer grip and comes in five sizes for maximum comfort.

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