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IMStick is a revolutionary phone accessory with over 100 possible uses. Attach it to any surface and use your phone hands-free!

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Intelligent Magnetic Stick (IMStick) is a user-friendly holder for your smartphone, developed as a game-changing solution in the world of mounts for mobiles.

If you use your smartphone a lot in everyday life, you’re probably always holding on to it too. Free your hands with IMStick! Place it, mount it, or even hang it. Now you can easily watch and read whatever and whenever you want. It is so convenient!

You can also wrap IMStick around your hand to make sure your smartphone is safe and secure while walking, commuting or traveling. You’ll never drop or lose your phone, plus you can get things done with one hand behind your back! Those with limited mobility, cerebral palsy, etc. will find it particularly useful.

IMStick is so versatile and can be used to make any situation more convenient for you. It can be attached to virtually anything: your bicycle handlebar, wheelchair, car dashboard, gym equipment, baby stroller, you name it!

Think, produce, create, there are hundreds possibilities to use IMStick in your everyday life whether you are traveling, walking, playing sports, having fun, working, going out or staying home. IMStick is also compatible with most types of camera tripods, release your creativity!

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