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Survival Medical First Aid Kits

Survival Medical First Aid Kits

Prepackaged first aid and survival kits based on activity and environment.

MSRP From $9.99
Categories Boating & Rafting, Emergency & First Aid, Camping & Backpacking, Stocking Stuffers, Under $50 Dollars, Outdoor Recreation & Leisure, Travel & Adventure
Visit: https://www.survival-medical.com/

Product Description:
Going outdoors? You have to have the right first aid kit for your activity.

The small activity specific kits are light weight and easily stowed in a backpack or wheelchair bag, ideal to take with you on the hill, or riding, or just keep in your car.

Survival Medical has many kits built especially for what you love to do. Hopefully you never have to use it, but if you do, you're going to be happy that you have a quality product from Survival Medical!

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