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BAZWNG - Button And Zip With No Grip

BAZWNG is a button and zipping dressing aid for pants designed by me (a quadriplegic) for people with little or no grip or even one handed such as amputees or stroke victims or even severe arthritis.

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BAZWNG is an assistive device designed by me (a quadriplegic) to allow people with limited or no grip to button and zip their pants.

BAZWNG’s are made of spring back stainless steel so they won’t rust or tarnish and they will not damage clothes in any way and do not require special clothes. They are ergonomically designed to stay in the zipper hole while zipping and every BAZWNG comes with a life time warranty and they are TSA verified for carry on in flights.

BAZWNG requires no grip what so ever so it would also be very useful for people with only one hand or the use of only one hand such as after surgery or stroke or any other debilitating condition such as arthritis or after an amputation and would be great for child

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