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WheelAble Travel Shower

Travel has never been this accessible

WaterLily Turbine
$159 USD

WaterLily is a portable river turbine for hikers, campers, or anyone who spends time off the grid. It easily charges phones, GPS devices, cameras, and more, by generating power from flowing water as well as the wind. WaterLily comes in two versions, for charging USB devices, and for charging 12V devices.

Willow Dog Drying Mitt

The Willow dog drying mitt is ideal for even the muckiest of pups. The super absorbent chenille microfibre will leave them (and your furnishings), as dry as a bone.


In minutes, convert your existing sliding door into an automatic, app-controlled pet door—no permanent damage or changes to your residence. More secure than standard pet doors, provides your pet controlled access to the yard wherever you are.

Wave Plus

The first battery-operated smart indoor air quality monitor with Radon detection, including sensors for temperature, air pressure, humidity, TVOCs, and CO2.

Wave Mini

Cost-effective smart indoor air quality companion offering users real-time measurements and analysis of their home’s TVOCs, temperature, and humidity - an ideal first step for anyone looking to take control of their indoor air quality.

WG2X Wearable Action Camera Gimbal

Finally a wearable action camera gimbal to take your videos to the next level.

Wheel Wellies

Universal wheel covers that prevent dirt and mud from your wheelchair wheels going on the carpet or the inside of your car.

Wheelchair Clamp

These simple, yet effective holders fit to any wheelchair and provide a much needed solution for storing crutches or walking sticks while in a wheelchair.

wheelAIR Cooling Backrest

wheelAIR is a cooling backrest for manual wheelchair users to help regulate their core temperature. The wheelAIR replaces the current backrest and provides the user with cool air flowing up the backrest, operated via a remote control unit

Wagz Smart Collar

Want your dog to run but just not away? Get the only smart dog collar that lets you set precise boundaries, get alerts and know she's safe.

Wagz Smart Dog Door

Not at home and your dog needs to go?

Wagz Smart Dog Feeder

Want to make sure your dog is fed right whether you are at home or on the go?

Willow Wearable Breast Pump

Willow is the first truly mobile all-in-one breast pump that cuts the cords, ditches the dangling bottles, and fits easily inside a bra.

WhiteShark MIX

Sublue consumer-friendly, ultra-portable underwater scooter - the world’s smallest dual propeller underwater scooter.