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Hitch’n Roll Gym

Our Hitch'n Roll Gym exercise springs afford a variety of graded resistance, non-impact strength “Pilates-like” exercise with full range of independent motion for each arm.

Helping Handle

MAXSA Innovations' Helping Handle is the perfect accessory for any vehicle. It provides a helping hand for anyone who struggles to get into the backseat of the car.


Hydaway is the collapsible, ultra-stashable, planet-friendly go-anywhere water bottle. With a new streamlined look, Hydaway 2.0 is slim, lightweight and easy to use with an ergonomic expansion grip on the bottom.

Heated Performance Pants

Uses the latest technology to warm hamstrings, thighs and calves. Adopt the future today, warm to perform!

From $59.95

HeatTrak's Heated Snow-Melting Mats melt snow on contact to prevent snow and ice accumulation on walkways and stairs around your home.

Hurtta Free Hand Leash

The Hurtta Free Hand Leash is designed to help you keep a more comfortable hold on your dog.

HandyBag Power Chair Side Bag

Made for electric wheelchair users. The side bag is designed to be handled with just one hand, which makes it easier to use thanks to a unique inner shell system.

HandyBag Wheelchair Backrest Bag

Made for manual wheelchair users, the first dynamic backpack that the users can pull from the back side to the front and give them full access to their personal belongings with virtually no effort.

Hand Out Pro Mittens

Comfortable, cozy and so convenient. An absolute must have.