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Extreme Mist PCS Complete Quad Kit

ExtremeMist PCS Complete Quad Kit is designed to cool larger outdoor areas. Our pump produces a fine mist, cooling the air around you up to 30 degrees!

ExtremeMist Just Add Water Pack

ExtremeMist 2-in-1 Hydration Misting & Drinking system. The pump produces a fine mist, cooling the air around you up to 30 degrees.


Frustrated peeling hard boiled eggs? EGG STRIPPER™ is the simple solution, to quickly and magically remove egg shells from up to five eggs at once in under 10 seconds.

$49.99 US

EyeTemp® reminds you when appliances or candles are left on! The WiFi device is designed to monitor temperature and time on any appliance.

Electric Paint

Paint or print circuits and sensors with electrically conductive paint.

Embr Wave

Whenever you start feeling too hot or too cold, just press and hold the Wave’s Light Bar to activate comforting waves of heating or cooling.

Enso Silicone Rings
$9.59 - $39.99

Traditional rings can disrupt the moment. You want to run, climb, work, swim, cook, shower, hold a child without pausing life to take off the very emblem that represents the life you live.

ExtremeMist PCS Retrofit Kit

The ExtremeMist™ PCS (Personal Cooling System) provides a continuous fine mist in front of you, creating a cooling cloud with reduced temperature up to 30°F.

Easy Cover
$8500.00 Depending Upon Pontoon Boat

Easy Cover means uncovering and covering your pontoon boat effortlessly. No more wrestling matches with mooring covers, endless snaps or crawling around on your hands and knees to install poles.

Earebel removable Bluetooth® headphones

We started with an idea and put our heart and soul into creating this unique combination of headphones and headwear.

EB300 Bluetooth Sport Earbuds

The comfortable and stylish EB300 Bluetooth Earphone is engineered to fit active lifestyles. Listen to music, take calls, and adjust the volume with the control pad.

EB400 Waterproof Sport Earbuds

Waterproof and wireless - perfect for an active lifestyle. Lightweight design and adjustable earbands resist fallout, even with extreme movement.